Defined as a mysterious brand, living between positive and negative space, HAZE is an emotional connection between the urban nature of the founder’s home city, and the environment-at-large.

HAZE’s brand identity is inspired by architectural elements from blueprints, building material-concrete and copper, to the transformation of geometry. Shapes making up the eyewear are made by the transformation of geometric shape and lines. The blue concrete texture mimics the haziness and sophistication of the heritage of blueprints. Our pattern represents geometrictransformation and the process of how we produce new form and shape concepts for our eyewear.

Just as a scaffold frames a building, eyewear frames our eyes. Lens shape and color for glasses is the appearance of window and the material of a building. The aesthetics of HAZE COLLECTION’s eyewear is tightly inspired by positive and negative space made by form, shapes, lines between architecture and environment.